How to Stay Motivated & Consistent in 2023

– Written by Executive Concierge Coach, Matthew Barron

How to Stay Motivated & Committed through 2023

Did you see that?!…

It was the first three months of 2023 flying by just like the annoyed driver behind you rushing past you because the speed you were driving (which was just under the speed limit) was too slow for them.

Don’t sweat it. They are the one who will end up with a speeding ticket.

With 2023 moving along & not slowing down, you may be in a position wondering, ” I genuinely thought I could keep up with my New Year’s resolutions.” Unfortunately, in this scenario, you are the annoyed driver and you have left your resolutions behind.

So, I’m really glad you’re reading this because I (Matthew) will be providing you with three simple ways you can stay motivated and consistent with your fitness journey, throughout the rest of 2023.

Take Note of your Energy Levels

If you are in a position where you started off 2023 strong with your goals and hit the gym 2-3 times a week, you most likely felt your energy levels increase, your immune system probably enhanced & you probably slept better, on average. It’s time to check in on those energy levels.

How are they now?…

It has been proven several times, case study after case study, that whether you run, walk or resistance train, your body releases dopamine, also known as “the feel good chemical.”

How long has it been since you’ve felt good? Do you want that feeling back in your life? If you do, you already know the solution.

Schedule Your Training Times

It’s very easy to prioritize work, events, vacations, etc. over your training times. Unfortunately, your work, those concerts you go to & your vacations aren’t gonna make your blood pressure drop any lower than it already is.

It’s time to schedule those gym times BEFORE your week starts; that way you hold yourself accountable before your work week even starts!

Now, it’s understood that more pressing events or situations may arise and you have to skip that pre-planned gym “date” at the bar(bell). Don’t sweat the unexpected. If you can commit to putting those gym times in your calendar, you’ll have more motivation to go on your “date.”

Ease back into it

Notice how the title of this paragraph isn’t “start slow?” That’s because you already started, you ding-dong! You started. You stopped. Now it’s time to ease back into the swing of things.

Regarding the previous section about pre-planning your gym date — start with one day the first week. Re-acclimate your body smoothly into the feeling of moving again. The next week — try two times a week. I feel as if you see the pattern I’m hinting at, as the week’s progress.

Respect your body. Respect the process. Enjoy the results!