Britnee Senner

Concierge Coach

Born in Seattle, Britnee Senner comes to us with a passion for coaching and helping others reach their goals. She loves to teach others how to encompass a healthy, balanced lifestyle while building strength in many ways. Her ability to incorporate a wide array of movement patterns makes her style of training unique.

She completed a business degree from Morehead State in Kentucky, all the while winning two national cheerleading championships and winning two gold medals with Team USA. She has a long background of coaching cheerleading and gymnastics. Her success in that field came from building a good culture and training conditioning in her practice. She brings a lot of what she learned there to her training field.

She was a long-time gymnast and cheerleader in her early years but found a passion for fitness in her adult years. She has learned to make fitness a fun part of her lifestyle and she wants to share that joy with others.

Britnee will push you to be better each time she sees you. She will know your goals and will be just as invested in your success as you will be! Her motto is, “1% better every day.”