John Rock

Concierge Coach

John Rock is a NASM CPT who also obtains certifications such as FNS, BCS, WLS, resistance training and more. He has devoted his entire life to the pursuit of individual athleticism and now focuses on inspiring others to achieve their own fitness and wellness goals through diligence, coaching and motivational focus.

John began playing soccer at age three, continued that sport in the Dallas Select Division 1 League through high school and continues to play soccer to this day. He was a track and cross country runner in his youth, excelled in football and participated in all sports offered in. He was awarded the “All Sport” award in school meaning being the only student to make all four sports that were offered to students. During his college years at Texas State University, John majored in Exercise and Sports Science and developed a love for weight training and body building. Additionally, he became committed to a healthy nutrition regime and wellness lifestyle. John has also participated in a Men’s Physique show.

John’s personal motto is “I never quit”. This personal philosophy is evident in his work ethic and devotion to his clients and their health and wellness betterment goals.

Physical fitness is an ingrained life choice for John. Join him in exploring your own potential to become your personal best through a commitment to customized personal training with one of the best in the industry.